Santa Cruz Intermediate Drop Thru Complete Longboard Bundle

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Santa Cruz Drop Thru longboards have been an excellent option for downhill, as well as covering transport needs for some time. With their cut away drop through deck’s, Road rider 180mm inverted trucks and 72mm diameter Road Rider 78a durometer wheels these boards offer a smooth ride on even the roughest surfaces and great control at high speeds.These great longboards have been paired with some great low profile protection from Harsh Protective Gear to help protect against scraps, bruises and breaks without restricting joint movement. The REKD Slide Gloves to cover some snag free hands down action and the Harsh Pro EPS Helmet will protect the most vulnerable parts of your head (notably the bottom of your skull), as well as multi-directional venting which will keep your head cool. Keeping you out and shreding it up for longer!Featuring:Santa Cruz Contest Drop Thru Complete Longboard – Black/White 41″ OR Santa Cruz Screaming Hand Neon Age Drop Through Complete Cruzer – 41″Harsh Pro EPS Helmet – BlackHarsh Knee Gaskets – Flexfit ProHarsh Elbow Gaskets – Flexfit ProREKD Slide Gloves – Black