Orangatang Keanu 66mm Longboard Wheels (Pack Of 4)


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Features:Diameter: 66mmWidth: 45mmContact Patch: 38mmDurometers: 80a (Orange), 83a (Purple), 86a (Yellow)Bearing Seat: CentersetFormula: Peachy ThaneCore: High-strength, High-stiffness, Heat-resistant UrethanePrice is for a pack of 4 WheelsMaterials:100% UrethaneWith a diminutive presence and quick, bullet-time reflexes, The Keanu is a skilled and adaptable master of all terrains.Adept at slashing the asphalt point break as well as keeping up the speed for technical freeriding. Choose the red core. Whoa.The Keanu features gently bevelled sidewalls, rounded edges, and stone-ground contact surfaces. A newly designed 38x38mm core with a deep valley-shaped cross section keeps the lips firmly supported like a burly botox injection, promoting smooth, consistent slides and even wear. The stone-ground contact patch ensures buttery-smooth slides right out of the box.The Keanu is poured in our proprietary Peachy Thane for a balance of buttery drifts and high durability. Slightly grippier than Euphorethane yet slipperier than Happy Thane, Peachy Thane offers a balanced blend of buttery speed control, long slides, and a cush ride.



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