Sector 9 Meridian 17 40″ Drop-Through Complete Longboard


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Features:Deck: 40.0″ (L) x 9.75″ (W)Wheelbase: 30.5″Trucks: 10.0″ Gullwing ChargerWheels: 70mm 78a TSBearings: ABEC 5 GreaseballHardware: 1.125″ Hardened Truck Boltsgrip tape: ERGMaterials:Deck: 7-Ply MapleTrucks: AluminiumWheels: PolyurethaneBearings: SteelHardware: SteelTower over the competition with the Meridian Drop-Through Complete Longboard from Sector 9! Displaying a picturesque pillar print through and through, this boardwalk base is sure to help you build some bridges with the skating community! Make sure that you’ve always got a great view no matter where you go with this scenic skateboard by your side!



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